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Our Solutions

Where to begin, where to go?

They are familiar questions and tasks; to solve them a lot of paperwork and much time and patience is required. We recommend you to find out no later than in the last months of the pregnancy which official routines you will have to consider after the baby has arrived. In those days the scope of the household tasks for fathers and grandparents will increase also.

Who can help with this?

We arrange the necessary social security aspects in connection with the birth of your little baby and obtain papers and certificates for you. Ask for our professional and personalized services – so that you have more time to give to the new-born baby at home. We are professional and take the pressure off
you. We will queue at the crowded administrative offices instead of you.

Choose the right one from among our services!

Which is most suitable for me? 

Do not pay for unnecessary services, our staff helps in choosing the most suitable
one for you.

Pearl package (content of the package) Applying for:

  • maternity allowance, family allowance, pregnancy – child-bearing child-care fee [GYED] child-care allowance [GYES] and birth certificates,
  • Residence card applications.

Gold package (content of the package) Applying for:

  • Maternity allowance, family allowance, child-care allowance [GYES], birth certificates and residence cards.

Services we offer, also individually:

  • maternity allowance,
  • family allowance,
  • child-bearing benefit [T‑Gyás],
  • child-care allowance [GYES],
  • child-care fee [GYED],
  • social security number for the EU,
  • replacement of tax card,
  • birth certificate,
  • residence card,
  • support from the local government
  • applying for / replacement of tax identification number


  • health fund membership
  • life and accident insurance,
  • long-term family care,
  • baby-bond purchases,
  • private pension funds
Our prices, depending on the provided service: available from HUF 7,990 for our clients.